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第3回 GLOBE-NIME国際セミナー


  1. Keynote speech: "From Learning Objects to Learning Impact"
    (Rob Abel, Chief Executive Officer, IMS Global Learning Consortium)
  2. "National Institute of Multimedia Education (NIME)"
    (Yasutaka Shimizu (President))
  3. "MERLOT"
    (Ed Walker (Co-chair, MERLOT Advisory Board))
  4. "LORNET"
    (Gilbert Paquette (President, LORNET))
  5. "education.au limited"
    (Garry Putland (Executive Director, education.au limited))
  6. "ARIADNE"
    (Erik Duval (President, ARIADNE))
  7. "Roundtable: Toward GLOBE next-generation advanced search"
  8. Invited Speech: "Open educational resources for the sustainable advancement of teaching and learning: From a movement to cultural and institutional transformation"
    (Toru Iiyoshi, Senior Scholar/Director, Knowledge Media Laboratory, Carnegie Foundation)
  9. Invited Speech: "Sustainability models for open educational resource projects in higher education"
    (David Wiley, Associate Professor of Instructional Technology at UtahStateUniversity and Director of the Center for Open and Sustainable Learning (COSL), USA)
  10. Invited Speech: "Future of Education Perspective"
    (James Simon, Chief Technologist, Global Education & Research, Sun Microsystems)
  11. "Perspectives and issues of Open courseware activities in Japan"
    (Yoshimi Fukuhara, Secretary-General, JOCW and Professor, KeioUniversity)
  12. "A model of an educational NPO to facilitate cooperation between business and the academic world in e-Learning projects"
    (Koichi Nakajima, Director and Secretary-General, CCC-TIES and Professor, TezukayamaUniversity)
  13. Invited Speech: "Digital Marketplace: Framework for Success, Foundation for Partnership"
    (Ed Walker, CaliforniaStateUniversity System)
  14. "A perspective from Japanese industries "Building new culture: e-learning is contributed to real needs of the business and education"
    (Hidekuni Komatsu, President, Japan e-Learning Consortium)
  15. Special Invited Speech: "A Metadata Translation Mechanism for Global Sharing of Education Information: GMAT"
    (Dae-Joon Hwang, President, Korea Education & Research Information Service (KERIS))
  16. "ThailandCyberUniversity and the Strategy in Sharing Educational Resources"
    (Supannee Sombuntham, Director of ThailandCyberUniversity (TCU) Project, Commission on Higher Education, Ministry of Education)
  17. "Taiwan Federate Repository Project to Digital Learning Resources and Quality System"
    (Chen-Yu Lee, E-park Development center, Institute for Information Industry (III))
  18. "OOPS! Confucius Lesson of Opencourseware"
    (Lucifer Chu, Founder, OOPS)